Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 29. Day 272. Nature versus nurture

I like to pretend I am one with nature but in fact I am a city chick wearing the most thinly veiled disguise. Case in point one. Twice this morning my eye was taken by beautiful birds. I admit, in birds, as in so many other aspects of life, I am drawn by the colorful, flashy ones. Lovely. But did I have the slightest idea what they might be? No I did not. It's like art. I may not have the slightest clue what I'm looking at but I know how to recognise what I like and that totally counts, right? Rumple is much the same. He likes small and furry dogs much like himself. Find one of them on the beach and it's game on. I was in my bird watching happy place and he was in the dog chase happy place. The nature of each beast, well served and it wasn't even 8am. Bird walk over, three generations of my family headed off to the Noosa National Park for a trek. My sister had told her girls about the Boiling Pot in the park and I promised to take them. Now the Boiling Pot is a natural wonder. The rock formation sucks water in and spurts it out like a boiling pot (hence the name). Well, that's what happens on high tide. Did I check the tides? No I dd not. That's what a person in tune with nature would do. What we saw was rocks just off the shore. Not quite what was promised. But it was a glorious day and we did get to see a koala in a tree so certainly all was not lost. File it under experience.

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