Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14. Day 257, Breathe

 Breathe. Fine advice and it sounds simple enough but today not so much. Today I woke feeling like there was a great weight on my chest. The feeling remained even after Rumple decided to find somewhere more appropriate to lie. It's a familiar pattern which I should recognise. I put my refusal to do so down to oxygen deprivation. It starts with some sort of a virus which leads to a cough. Inevitably the chest infection follows. The cough of death. The bark really is worse than the bite. Fortunately during daylight hours it's not to bad but when the sun starts to go down breathing becomes more laboured.  By the time I left the University of Queensland lakes I was like the turtles just about able to suck in the air. I decided to do something about it but of course the GP was closed by then. Tomorrow is another day. I shall just remind myself to breath until then

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