Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13. Day 256. Twilight (not the awful book)

 File a police report. Someone stole my weekend. It just disappeared without a trace under a great big pile of paperwork and tissues. It is that time of the year where senior school assessment, university assessment and the end of the cold and flu season clash in a big vortex of ugly. My firm belief that surviving this involves making a bit of head clearing time. So late this afternoon, the fur friend and I went out for our walk heading first off to the library to return a book - yes a book - due back today. Given our proximity to the Botanic Gardens we decided to make that our destination. That suited me because I like a twilight view and it suited Rumple because he holds to this insane belief that he night one day catch a duck. If that happens I would want an inquiry.

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