Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5. Day 248. Lessons for life

 Today's life lesson comes from my walk. I learn a lot on a walk, often about myself.
But today the lesson was in combating Feeling-Sorry-For-Oneself-Itis. It has been a long, tough, exhausting week. Sickness and fatigue has warn me down and I have been a big fat grump puss (official diagnosis). So off for a head clearing walk where at Musgrave Park I got a lesson in balance from French exchange student Gail. Then to South Bank where Juzzie Smith, the one man band, made me feel that my whinging about my life being a juggle. Hell he was not only keeping three balls in the air but doing so while playing a mouth organ and using the juggling balls as maracas. But the real lesson was in the crowd and the mum and daughter sitting in the front row. The nasal drip is pretty clear evidence there is something medically troubling going on but look a the joy of mother and daughter enjoying the simplicity of watching the busker. Let that be a lesson to me.

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