Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28. Day 271. Hotting up

Wine. That improves with age (although some of my nearest and dearest are unlikely to ever be able to test that). Vegetables, however, tend to go rather limp and pathetic. When it comes to getting into cold water I am considerable more vegetable than wine. Pathetic. The ocean doesn't reach prime swimming conditions until at least December in my humble opinion. This doesn't mean I WON'T swim before then, it just means it takes me considerably more time to get there. Isn't that like so many things when you get older? 
Drama Teen and the lovely nieces Cleo, Lucy and Amelia seemed to find my approach to getting wet at Noosa this morning as frankly laughable. Given I am almost older than all of them put together and the holder of the $$$ for the ice cream you'd think a little more respect would be in order. Still, I am sure it looked pretty funny and you might as well laugh at yourself. That is something that dies improve with age.

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  1. Where is a pic of you getting in the water??? I am a sook as well, won't go in the water until it is body temperature!!