Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18. Day 261. Public enemy number one

Right now the magpie is public enemy number one. There are maps devoted to the secret hideouts of the feathered fiends and signs all over the city warning of their vile antics. Cyclists, in particular, go to extraordinary lengths with weird and wonderful contractions and helmets designed to fend off the aerial attacks. It's magpie nesting season which means the black and white bombers are in attack mode and will swoop at and pretty brutally attack anyone who invades their territory. The best advice is "know thy enemy and stay well clear". At least that's what most people do. Margaret, my neighbour,  will never be accused of being a "most people". She not only refuses to avoid the magpies she invites them in for a meal. And it has to be said they accept her hospitality with open arms (or wings as the case may be). She says if they know you they don't attack. There may be something in that. Any wise bird will know you don't bit the hand that feeds you.

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