Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25. Day 268. On the high seas

 Ahoy there. Susan was on the high seas today. All semester I have been banging on to students of online journalism about how they need to be ready to cover news if and when it happens. Your phone is your friend and you need to use it, I said repeatedly. So in the final lecture today I put them to the test. A gang of pirates invaded my lecture and abducted me. The swashbuckling and bad acting (by me) had a serious point.
As well as being journalists you are humans and that means you have a responsibility.
Do you cover the story? Do you call security or the police? Do you try to intervene?
Important questions and I hope the students at least are now pondering the answer.
Okay, the whole thing was a bit of theatrics but it had a serious point. And it is a bit of fun for me at least.
Having survived walking the plank I headed back to the ocean with the family for a week's rest and recuperation.
It has been a long semester and the beach is my recovery plan.

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