Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11. Day 254. Love is in the air

My heart was singing when I left the Lyric Theatre at QPAC after seeing Strictly Ballroom. Fortunately for those around me that was the only thing singing because as I tell Drama Teen "my mother didn't pay for singing lessons. Clearly that, and not any lack of vocal ability is all that stopped me from being an opera singer. Well, let's go with that because it's impossible to prove otherwise at this late stage. Anyway that theme song from Strictly Ballroom Love is in the Air was in my head when Rumple and I went on a post theatre stroll. Therefore, it is not a lack of passion or an innate coldness that made me look at the Love Locks on the Goodwill Bridge and think "tacky". Okay, it's not as tacky as writing the name of a loved one on a toilet door but it's in the same ball park. I've been to Paris a number of times. I understand that tying a "love lock" on to the Pont des Arts bridge before throwing the key into the River Seine beneath is a thing but Brisbane isn't Paris. And is the love you want really something that will rust and be cut off with bolt cutters when the council decides the locks are a nuisance? I think not. We are not in Rome so we don't need to do what the Romans do or something. It's not heartless, it's just that that every city should have it's own symbols and traditions. Brisbane doesn't need to pretend it's Paris. It is a beautiful city in its own right. That's something I am passionate about (but I promise not to sing its praises)

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