Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1. Day 244. Love is in the air

Just after she accepted
Things I know about Christine. She loves elephants and love hearts and most importantly she said "yes"
Things I know about Mika. He's the type of bloke who would spend $600 commissioning a sand sculptor to create a big romantic gesture of a marriage proposal. And he'd go down on one knee at South Bank in front of curious onlookers to seal the deal. It worked.
Things I know about Steve Machell. He's a sand sculptor who spent five hours this afternoon working to make Christine and Mika's dream come true. He's done a few marriage proposal sculptures on commission and every one has been a success.
I admit I felt pretty bloody average much of today but after much sleep and drugs I improved enough to venture out of the house with the fur friend in the afternoon. Boy I'm glad I did. I do love a big romantic gesture and live tweeting #marrymeChristine is such an event guaranteed to lifts my spirits enormously.
But when it was over my eyes were leaking again. This may be the disease. It probably wasn't.
So congrats Mika and Christine. May your life together be full of big gestures and little moments.

Sandology Steve inspects his work

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