Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10. Day 253. Burning a hole in my pocket

All too often when a prized fur friend goes missing without a trace speculation turns to the possibility that it might be the work of either dog fighters or greyhound baiters. I happen to know that Rumple was abducted by a witch  for use in an evil potion. My evidence is as follows. A woman with warts and a cauldron and a sign identifying herself as Agnes the Witch reached out when I was at South Bank with Rumple and said "I'm going to take your dog he would be delicious in this brew". Welcome to just another Thursday night at South Bank. Okay, it's not just any Thursday it's Brisbane Festival time and that means you can barely walk 10 steps along Little Stanley Street without meeting another busker. Best of all it's all free (although you should totally be reaching into your pocket and adding change to the buskers' hats) which makes it hugely popular with families. After all, don['t we all want something that won't burn a hole in our pocket?  It would have been just perfect if it wasn't for the $95 fine for doing a u-turn at the traffic light to get a prize car park, That did hurt. A lot

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  1. Now if I could just borrow them for my Halloween fun and games here that would be perfect! Thank you for sharing some Brisbane Magic on Country Kids.