Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 9. Day 252. Fighting over scraps

I am about to declare war on the hashtag #firstWorldProblems. This is something we put after an incredibly whingy tweet or Facebook post to kind of excuse how pathetic we are being. a) OMG. My hair straightener just blew up. My day is ruined #firstWorldProblems
b) Nooo.Went to two supermarkets and no-one has fresh coriander #firstWorldProblems
c) If I wanted a luke warm chocolate I would have ordered that. #hotchocolate #firstworldproblem
It's as though owning it as being written from a position of privilege means we have thought about the real problems in the third world  and acted in some meaningful way to fix it. Most often we (and generally I mean me) have just continued on seeking a place that will serve your hot chocolate hot and be damned with the rest of the world. We are the sulphur crested cockatoo pretty in pink hanging off the palm tree full of fruit while the rest of the world is the crows fighting over the scraps. Not much fairness in that.

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