Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12. Day 255. Turning onself upside down

7am Saturday. A phone call from my elderly neighbour Margaret who, after redefining the idea of  what letting someone sleep in might look like, requested that I might help address her lack of fruit. Sure, later. When I decide to get up.
But first there was another neighbourly promise to keep. I'd run in to the delightful tailor Feridun Avar a couple of days back and he'd asked if I could take some new photos for his website. We'd agreed on the Saturday sleep in time of 11am. Job done he offered to buy me a coffee but with the fruit crisis still looming I took a rain check and the canine photographic assistant and I headed off for our next mission. I walked. He hitched a lift on my shoulder despite the fact that it was really far too hot to be carrying an eight kilogram fur coat who is confused about the difference between being a dog and a parrot. But I let him. Because as everyone knows I'm a soft touch and if I can turn myself upside down for a neighbour, friend or extremely lazy dog, why the hell not? One day I might be the one who needs a free ride.

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