Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sptember 20. Day 263. All dressed up. Great place to go

Some people hide it better than others but I secretly suspect that everyone likes a bit of fancy dress.The chance to pretend to be something other than yourself is delicious. Indeed, there's only once circumstance that kills my joy for the costume occasion. Here I think of the times when at 9pm a crumpled up note is found near a squashed banana in the bottom of a school bag. It advises of Book Week or Easter Bonnet parade or some other teacher-invented chance to extract revenge on the parents. With nothing at your disposal apart from a roll of aluminum foil an an egg carton you have to create a robot or something. Happy memories (not). But with that well behind us I can again feel the love of the costume. Today was Oz Comic-Con and that meant there were some pretty bloody fabulous characters on display outside the Convention Centre. I was on my way to see that other costume party Strictly Ballroom so I couldn't spend too much time but in just the couple of minutes I had spare I got to see what sort of costume you can create with time and more than an egg carton and Alfoil.

Maxxi Dee AKA Karlie, a vet nurse by day and cosplayer in her spare time

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