Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 3. Day 246. Yes sir, that's my baby

Why do people feel the need to tell others what to do? There seems to be a whole movement dedicated to freedom of expression where that is defined as "I am free to demand that you agree with me". Latest in this is the US columnist who this week pronounced that we should stop calling our dogs our fur children or fur babies because it is insulting to mums. I tell you what's insulting. Telling me what I can or can not call MY DOG. I agree we should try to refrain from saying things likely to offend another "reasonable person". But in some way implying that the term of endearment I use for Rumple in any way impacts on her relationship with her children is insane. And what's more a fur friend like Rumple brings out the child in many he meets. Margaret next door giggles like a girl when Rumple comes to visit. It is a joy to watch. "How's my boy?" she says when he walks in. Perhaps I should be offended my that. If he's anyone's boy he's mine but seriously? Take a chill pill lady. People might have a right to worry if you start referring to your kids as puppies but the other way around is just fine because I say so. So there.

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