Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23. Day 266. Beautiful people

Three hours and 42 minutes. We've taken less time to change Prime Ministers. And yet that's how long I spent at the hairdressers today. I was going to say that's how long my haircut took but that would be a lie. Those three hours and 42 minutes were spent on keratin straightening, highlights, toning, washing, conditioning, ironing blow drying AND cutting. Now some people would love that but it drives me nuts. I'm afraid I'm a wash and wear kind of girl. Truth is my 17-year-old son tells me that I do my eyeliner wrong and that's saying something. Of course, he has more experience in the whole business of looking awesome than I do being the theatrical type that he is. Before the marathon salon session I accompanied Drama Teen to see his Fame buddies in the school holiday show of Alice in Wonderland. They looked wonderful and I bet not one of them spent three hours and 42 minutes creating the look. Still when you're a teen looking wonderful comes a great deal more easily than in does when you are, well, more mature. Still I wouldn't need a fat suit to carry off the Tweedle Dum look ...

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