Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1. Day 152. Into the Woods

Fairy tales were designed not just to entertain (or in the case of the Brothers Grimm to scare the living sh*t out of us). In actual fact Fairy Tales were really secular parables designed to help guide the moral compass of the people. There was always a take home message about how to be a better person and hopefully find the happily ever after. But the modern day ones brought to us by the likes of Disney are so squeaky clean and sugar coated that the chances of learning anything other than success depends on finding a handsome prince is somewhat doubtful. This is what I love about Sondheim's Into the Woods. In the first half it is all mashed up fairy tales and the promise of a glorious future. But then after the intermission, a very strong does of realism sets in. I mean, are you really going to find your endless love in someone you've danced with for a hour or so at the ball? Probably not. Can you steal the goose that laid the golden egg and think that will be the end of it? Again, not likely. And anyway, if you are living a life of servitude, effectively held captive in your own home, verbally bullied and ill-treated, would the one thing you would wish  for be to go to the ball?  Seriously?

Into the Woods is one of my favourite musicals because it looks like it will be all rainbows and sunshine but then it has a much more serious message. It's about being careful about what you wish for and the importance of family and community and caring for each other (and not about kissing frogs and hoping they might become a handsome prince). So I am just a bit excited that Harvest Rain is bringing the musical to QPAC for the first time in October. The cast, which was announced at the official launch I attended tonight, is pretty impressive too. Rhonda Burchmore, Rachel Beck, Eddie Perfect and Georgina Hopson in the lead roles. Can't wait. And in the meantime, I have given a lot of thought to what I'd wish for. For Year 12 to be over. I feel like it will be an eternity before we are out of those woods

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  1. More great photos. I spent Sunday at a sporting event snapping furiously. Uploaded today to find every single one is out of focus. Every. One. I do despair. And now appreciate a good pic more than ever.