Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24. Day 175. the winner is Syd-en-ey

September 24, 1993 at 4.27am Juan Antonio Samaranch said those words "The winner is Syd-en-ey". Anyone Australian of an appropriate age will remember that and the scenes of the huge party at Circular Quay that followed. I always feel just a little bit of that same excitement every time I'm in Sydney.
I have been to the Harbour City many, many times but the bridge and the Opera House still have that film set feel to me. Times Square in New York does the same only on steroids. Anyway for the past two days Drama Teen and  former school friend George and I have wandered around the city on foot taking in the sights and enjoying the inside of the theatre at night. Last night was Les Miserables at the Capital Theatre and tonight The Umbilical Brothers at Sydney Theatre Company. So first the gut wrenching musical theatre and the following night the light relief. That's balance for you.
Quite the way to spend a few days R&R in Sydney

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