Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4. Day 155. Size doesn't matter

Those who think size doesn't matter clearly have had little to do with small men with over compensation issues or chocolate bars. In both these cases, size is clearly an issue - a big one. But in my experience size has no influence on bullies. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes and it is often the ones that on paper have the least reason to throw their weight around who do. This is the case with the noisy miner versus the kookaburras today. The fact that the noisy miner was our numbered three to one should have been enough for it to back off. It wasn't. The fact that the height, size, weight and beak capacity of any one of the kookaburras put the noisy miner at a very distinct disadvantage didn't seem to bother it either. The birds were all hanging around just outside Margaret's place next door waiting for Rumple and I to leave when the problem started. None of them wanted to take on a dog for a share of Margaret's mince rations but the noisy miner was totally okay with indulging in a bit of push and shove with the kookas. They were all nicely and politely lined up on the power pole waiting their turn. The noisy miner clearly was having none of the polite English-stye queuing business. In a dog-eat-dog (or bird eat mince) world it's every man and bird for himself and the noisy miner was quite determined to queue jump by pushing the kookaburras off their pedestal. He came at them again and again and for the most part they just stood their ground. Every now and again one would snap back and the miner would take a brief retreat, regroup and come back. And that's the thing about bullies. They don't give up easily either. Bastards. I didn't stick around to see what happened but knowing Margaret they all got fed. And tomorrow, they'll do it all again.

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