Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2. Day 153. De-vine

You know that old memory teaser? The one about peanuts. It goes something like this. A farmer has a peanut tree which grows near his fence. If the wind blows strongly all the nuts end up in his neighbour's property. Who owns the nuts. The answer is no-one. Peanuts, like money, don't grow on trees. Nor do passionfruit. They grow on vines and if you are lucky your neighbour will plant one and all the fruit will end up on your side of the fence. Score one, Susan. Apparently, the fruit like the sun and thus are attracted to my sunny disposition, or something like that. And as it happens I believe that no fruit is more aptly named than the passionfruit.  If I'm feeling generous I might go next door with a basket of fruit.

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