Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28. Day 179. Picture perfect

Cut and paste, a simple process involving Control C followed by Control V. Well, normally that's how it's done. Not today. Today cutting and mounting Ekka competition photographs was six hours of hard work. Now it has to be said none of those hours of work were done by me. Turns out I have neither the steady hand nor the patience for this sort of thing. Fortunately my mate Donna and partner in the Ekka photography competition business has plenty of both. So while Donna measured and sliced, I provided moral support, food and a whole pile of increasingly pedantic demands. I also provided a quality control officer in the form of Rumple who was ready to pounce on the work station should any access point to the table be left unguarded. So while Donna had four prints all of the same size, not me. I had eight prints, in three different sizes and did I go with a basic black mount? No, I did not. There were red, blue and grey mounts. And just to overly complicate it, my prints all had white boarders which makes the whole business of lining up and mounting very exacting  Not for me, obviously. But did Donna, complain? No, she did not. She just continued to measure and slice and stick even when I left for an hour or so for mum's taxi business. And I must say she did a stunning job. Even if none of my prints attracts the judges' attention, I'll have eight of my favourite photographs beautifully mounted and ready to hang in a place of my choosing.  Thanks Donna. Love ya work.

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