Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21. Day 172. Placid ... normally

As a rule, Rumple is not a making waves kind of dog. He's Mr Smooth Sailing, floating through life, I can't tell you the number of times I've looked about wondering where he is only to find he's sitting under my feet or curled up by my side all quiet, calm and content. He is one of life's turtles. Slow, measured and dependable. Well most of the time. But the fur child like the human offspring has the ability to pick precisely the wrong moment to exhibit the dark side. Any one of the following could, on a bad bad, ruffle the Rumple
1) People talking in the street outside our home
2) Dogs outside the front gate
3) Me visiting Margaret next door without allowing Rumple to accompany me.
Today all three happened at once. I'd taken Margaret out on an errand and Rumple could hear us talking in her drive on our return. As if that wasn't bad enough two dog walkers had stopped for a chat just outside our gate. Rumple decided it was time to let his displeasure known at the infringements to his perceived territory. It was loud and long.
Now this wouldn't have been so bad except for one small thing. One of the dog walkers outside by gate was none other than Dr Cam Day, animal behavioural therapist to the stars. Way to go fur friend. But Rumple is not the type to hold a grudge for long. Before Dr Cam could get out his apppintment book and schedule an emergency session  I returned and picked Rumple up ans he laid on the charm all tail wagging sweetness. Just as well. I think enough members of this household are undergoing therapy without adding the dog to the list.

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