Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19. Day 170. Droning on

Drone. This is a word which in my past life I associated with staff  meetings. Drone (verb) means to speak tediously in a dull monotonous tone. Curiously, based on apian world where the drone does no work but can fertilise the queen, a drone also means a person who does no useful work but lives off others. For some reason this also brings staff meetings to mind. But the word drone, like so many others in the English language, has been hijacked. A drone is one of the small unmanned aerial vehicles which are taking to the air in ever increasing numbers. I rather want one even though I fully accept I would be totally inept at flying one.There was one at South Bank this afternoon and it was turning heads. The images of the sun setting over the city the operator was capturing on his Go Pro were most exciting. It would certainly beat climbing on furniture which is my usual way to get height when photographing. Perhaps I could even use one to remote into staff meetings so I don't actually have to be there ....

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