Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9. Day 160. Aren't you smart?

A smart phone makes for a dumb Susan, a fact that I continue to reinforce often.
Today's example. I received a phone call (yes, my phone is so smart it can accept calls) from the dog groomers "gently" reminding me that the dog who was asleep on my feet should be getting his haircut. I'd forgotten and I wasn't alone. Three canine clients had failed to turn up today because the text reminder service wasn't working on the weekend. Well of course they had. You can't expect people to do stuff if the phone doesn't remind them can you? The fact that the appointment is written in my phone is not enough. That would require me looking and unless there's an app to remind me to do so, it's not happening. Fortunately both Rumple and the dog groomers are very forgiving and we only live 10 minutes away. As always he looks very smart despite his absent-minded mother.

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