Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5. Day 156. Let there be light

Some times it pays not to ask too many questions and just enjoy the moment. If I was to ask a question, it would be this. Exactly what do giant elephants, the Gruffalo and koalas have the do with multiculturalism? My guess is not a lot, at least not on the face of it. But enlightenment, that I understand. Bringing the community together of a very chilly winter evening, that I get. Celebrating diversity and people no matter where they come from, that seems totally to be endorsed. Large crowds of families, joined school groups and workers from the city at South Bank tonight for the LUMINOUS Lantern Parade, an annual event to welcome Queenslanders, no matter where they come from. So if illuminated elephants don't by themselves make sense, the smiles on the faces of the children totally do. And if they take home some of that joy and a sense of belonging, mission accomplished.


  1. What an amazing thing to see, my son would love something like this #CountryKids

  2. Wow they are massive and what an amazing picture they make. a great sight to capture and I love the children all watching too, funny to me to see the winter hats when we are in summer! thank you for sharing a little South Bank magic on Country Kids

  3. Wow this looks amazing - so going to diary note it for next year :) thank you for sharing. #CountryKids