Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 13. Day 164. Just so

 Kids these days ... It's a phrase that is almost always followed by a whole lot of pejorative words. They are rude. They are selfish. They are disrespectful and lazy. All of this is true - for some children some times and what's more it has been true of some children in all ages.Some days, I am all of those things too. Most kids are none of those things most of the time. What is true for most children most of the time, however, is that they take people as they find them, they are full of curiosity and they are never afraid to ask why or indeed tell you what they think. If you are nice to them they will reciprocate in spades. Tonight I found myself at the children's end of the table at a curry house gathering. This was in part a result of my arrival time and in part due to my emotional intelligence. I am such a child and I was very well suited to be seated beside for delightful young ladies. During the course of the dinner, I found out a whole lot about Minecraft and the girls learned a fair bit about the use of different camera lenses. We also compared tastes in musical theatre, ice cream and curry. The Rudyard Kipling Just So Story of the Elephant Child came to mind for two reasons. The amount I ate put me in the elephant class and because the Elephant Child was full of 'satiable curiosity. All kids are or they should be that way and they always have been. It's just so.

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