Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16. Day 167. Slept like a baby

 There are two types of people in this world. Those who like the nap and those who do not. There are no prizes for guessing which camp I belong in. I love the nap like some people love a football team - with a fanatical devotion that you were born to and you will take to your grave. If a football fan is buried in the team's jersey I should be buried in my PJs. I admit that you do wake up from the afternoon nap in a sort of dozy, groggy state. I admit the bed hair thing is happening. But look at the three stages of emerging from the afternoon sleep as modeled by the most delicious baby Elliott this afternoon. First he is snugly, then cuddly and finally happily hungry. Now I'm not saying anyone would be leaping to give me a big hug when I wake up from a nap but I am saying I am all together a much nicer person when well rested. It might take a brief period to emerge from the sleep stupor but when I do I carry an alertness into the evening. You should always let sleeping dogs lie. The same advice goes for Susan. Her bite is probably worse than her bark.

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