Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15. Day 165. Tailor-made

Friends with teenage girls tend to roll their eyes and laugh when I mention the senior formal. The strong inference is pretty much "you have no idea".  Those of us with offspring with both X and Y chromosomes have it easy, or so the theory goes. Go to formal hire place, select from a row of almost identical black tuxes. Pay a relatively small hire fee. Leave. This is the standard approach. But the standard 17-year-old male has not been wearing suits since age 5. The high school senior probably doesn't have four or five suits in the wardrobe. Mine does. Mine does not believe an off the rack suit will do the job. Enter Feridun Avar. Feridun operates a custom tailor business just around the corner from our place and we know him pretty well. Today we went to discuss THE SUIT. I had no idea how many questions that discussion would entail. Button types, collar types, cuff, sleeves, pleats, fabric, lining. waist height, waistcoat styles and plenty more that I can't even remember. That was before we even got to discuss the colour or do the measurements. That was before the discussion turned to $$$$$. So mothers of girls, it is not that easy but I do have one thing on my side. I have a young man who knows his suits and has no problem communicating that. Let's just say you will see him coming.

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