Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3. Day 154. We're on fire!

Having a face like the back of the bus, that's a bad thing. Having your face on the ceiling of a CityCat? Well, that's decidedly cool especially if the CityCat is also decorated in the team colours.
Brisbane City Council today launched the city's 21st CityCat, Gilwunpa, and this one is decked out with more Firebirds livery than the Boondall  Entertainment Centre will be when Queensland's champion netball team contest the Australian Conference Final on Sunday. Never before has a CityCat been decorated to celebrate a sporting team and in a city that loves its football, the fact that it is a women's sport is especially rewarding. As I was down at South Bank around the time of the launch this morning I trundled along and invited myself to the event. If you have a camera and look like you know what you are doing, no-one questions another member of the media scrum. What surprised me was that Firebirds' captain  Laura Geitz told Lord Mayor Graham Quirk at the launch that the team had never experienced a media presence quite like it.That's women's sport for you. Despite the definite winter chill this morning, all the team seemed really chuffed to be there (at least they didn't have to wear their netball skirts). I loved their down to earth attitude and sense of fun. Comment of the morning goes to one player who after seeing their images on the ceiling inside the Cat, wondered how long it would be before some teenage boy got a marking pen and started drawing on the boobs. "I reckon that's what I'd do if I was a teenage boy?"
  As the parent of such a species I decline to offer an opinion on that.

Take that Lord Mayor. Laura Geitz gives Graham Quirk a team scarf

That's a face that could launch one thousand ships

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