Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25. Day 176. Head in the clouds

 I stared out the window today. Really stared with a far away look in my eyes. It was like I was in Year 10 at All Hallows in the seat in the back corner of the classroom that overlooked the Story Bridge. I was a girlie-swat, goodie-two-shoes but on one of those oppressively hot Queensland summer's afternoon after lunch with the dull traffic noise, the teacher's voice would sort of float past entering my ears but making no contact with a synapse. I would be lost in thought some place out that window. But who has time for that sh*t these days? Plus in the intervening decades we decided to air condition everything and we invented the Internet so never again was thinking for yourself a requirement for life. But not on an aircraft. There they have this thing called Flight Mode which is actually code for "sorry, you will now have to think of things that don't involve Google or checking your email". Who knew that was still possible. Turns out that staring into space and just watching the clouds in great glacial patterns is quite good. Because while I was watching the clouds I came up with a couple of interesting ideas that have nothing to do with masses of water droplets suspended above the earth. They won't mean much to anyone but me and hopefully the next bunch of students I encounter. At least I think they will and frankly it doesn't hurt to dream a little.

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