Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 31. Day 151. Quite the appetite for this sort of thing

Sunday. The day of you could use for rest or you devote the day taking advantage of all the things on offer in the city. Today I had the appetite to do more than just lie down (although that was totally on the agenda too). Stop one was the Greek Club to take up an invitation to dine. The club is in walking distance from my home but I've never dined there. Bad mistake. The banquet (with a side order of white bait because my husband can't resist) is to die for. By the end I felt like Mr Creosote from that scene in Monty Python's Meaning of Life. I was ready to explode but in a good way. Stop two was to walk it off. Today there was only walk worth doing - Legacy Way. In a couple of weeks the 5 kilometre tunnel will be open to cars prepared to pay a toll. But today was a one-off opportunity for families of Brisbane to walk the tunnel. Brisbane over recent years has shown quite an appetite for building great big new tunnels under the city. My family and I have walked every one and today was no exception. At one point I was, apparently, metres under the dirt of Toowong Cemetery. This is not something you generally live to talk about. A walk like this gives you a whole new perspective of the city. You get a sense of just how amazing the projects are that driving through will never give you.  An estimated 20,000 people took the opportunity to walk the road with no need to pay a toll. (Personally, however, I'm glad I fueled up before the walk. It's not as easy on foot as it is by car).

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