Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11. Day 131. My big fat Greek escape strategy

Some days you are driven to drink or eat honey puffs or in extreme circumstances both.
Such days may include:
Days when the washing machine decides it no longer wants to wash or act like a machine for that matter;
Days when the students you teach have assessment;
Days when the student you gave birth to is stressing over assessment;
Days with parent teacher interviews in the evening;
Or, like today, all of the above.
I came very close to crawling home to bed after the end of the parent teacher interviews but I had made a commitment to attend the launch of the Paniyiri festival at the Greek Club and it is just down the road ....
Let me just say that honey puffs, baklava, and kataifi will not cure all of life's woes but when served alongside things with lots of cheese and things wrapped in vine leaves and washed down by something containing a fair amount  of Ouzo that is enough to take the sting out of a manic Monday.
Less than two weeks until the festival. Bring it on


  1. Sounds great to me. Keep drama teen calm and yourself as well but I'm sure Sir R will help you there. Did you see the photo I took especially for you at the hotel in Madrid. The shower is just what we all need. You turn it on BEFORE you get in, best invention I've seen for ages. Surely Brisbane would have something like that?! My husband thought it was the best thing since 'me', hahaha, cheers from Spain. Glad I can still see your blogs!

    1. I want one of those showers. Bring it home as a souvenir will ya?