Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12. Day 132. Dancing in the street

 You make me feel like dancing, dance the night away. I never understood why dancing was considered the prerogative of women and gays. Dancing is not only incredibly physical and requiring of great skill, it's also extremely attractive to watch. Those straight men who have dismissed dancers have failed to realise just how much women like to watch men who know how to move. This is why I like Hip Hop. This is a style that has brought dancing and dancers out of the closet. It has also taken dancing from dance studios and nightclubs and into public spaces. People are dancing in the streets. This afternoon while at South Bank walking the dog I ran into not one but two groups of hip hop dancers practicing their fine moves. This group outside the Piazza was working on a routine they were preparing to film to attract more people to their group. They were dancing like no-one was watching or everyone was watching but mostly like they were having  great time and without a care in the world. That is exactly why dancing rocks. Literally.

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