Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2. Day 122. Divine day out

At a nail place this afternoon, the beautician asked how long I would be staying in Brisbane. I found this a somewhat curious question until she pointed out that she had seen the camera I brought in with me. Nothing says tourist quite like a camera (expect perhaps money belt and I don't have one of those thankfully). Residents are not supposed to walk around town and take photos of things on devices other than their phones. This is a shame because in a city like Brisbane there's enough going on most weekend to behave like a tourist. Today's target was South Bank where Buddha's Birthday Festival was pumping. Three whole days of free family entertainment and with today's weather soooo much better than yesterday's killer downpour the crowds were out in force. While the kids tried their hand at music workshops, crafts of diablo, the adults could watch the displays and cultural performances and eat, eat eat. What's not to like about that and why should the tourists be the only ones to take home photos to remember the event?

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  1. It made me smile that you were assumed to be a tourist, I have exactly the same here as Cornwall is a tourist destination and I walk round just like a tourist with my camera. I'm glad that you do and share all the fun of Brisbane with me on Country Kids!