Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25. Day 145. Driven to distraction

 Seriously how is a person supposed to get any work done around here? For months I have been driven to distraction by the following.
1) Noise. Just about every roof in my area has been replaced as a result of the great hail storm of 2014. Looking out my window you'd swear I lived in one of those new outer suburban housing estates such is the sea of shiny new roofs. But the change has not been a silent revolution. Throwing sheets of iron from high set tin and timber homes makes A LOT of noise.
2). Workmen. They park their cars blocking the street and they often parade around with very little on. Most distracting. They also like playing FM radio very loudly. There should be rules about this.At least it wasn't Alan Jones.
And today, just to join the noise and visual "pollution" the kookaburras decided it was all a bit of a laugh. Four of them circled and swooned and joined in the general chaos out my window. Yep, most distracting.

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