Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 10. Day 130. Mother's Day

Sucked in Hallmark and Interflora. I managed to have a perfectly nice Mother's Day without an investment from my nearest and dearest in either of your products. Truth is we know that Mother's Day survives in a large part because there is a commercial imperative for it to do so. If your mother does not know you love her without a card and flowers once a year there's something going terribly wrong. BUT, and it's a big but, there is nothing wrong with pausing every now and then to spend time with the people nearest and dearest to us and celebrate the fact that they are our nearest and dearest. And let's face it, there is no bigger, tougher more exhausting but rewarding job than motherhood and it comes with no manual and no pay cheque. Today's celebration brought together my mum, three of her kids and their spouses and five grand kids for the sort of crazy you'd expect from such a gathering: Connor fell out of a tree when a branch broke, the dog next door escaped and had everyone running around after it, I may or may not have stepped in dog poo that sort of thing. Just another day not in the office. In between there was not only a feast to  befit the four mothers in the room but also a birthday cake to mark the fact that Connor, the baby of the clan, turns 10 tomorrow. Fortunately for all concerned we don't get to sing for Mother's Day because the rendition of Happy Birthday was truly awful. Perhaps the need to sing can go the way of the cards and flowers. In the case of our family there are MUCH better ways to say "I Love You".

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  1. Happy Mother's Day your crazy gathering looks like as much fun as ever. I love the outdoor lifestyle you enjoy over there. Cool moves over that fence! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.