Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4. Day 124. May the force be with you

It's easy to get cynical. Every day we seem to be asked to wear a colour, buy something, not buy something, grow some facial hair or shave some facial hair all in the name of charity. Often people just end up tipping a bucket of cold water over their head with little or no realisation or care of what it's all for. But when Carrie Bickmore pulled on a beanie during a moving speech at the Logies and encouraged us all to do the same to raise awareness for brain cancer, the cynicism was gone. Good on you Carrie for using your five minutes in the Gold Logie winning spotlight to promote a cause so close to your heart. Might I say, it's a rare thing to be able to rock a beanie at 7am after such a big night and still look like the beautiful person you clearly are. And just metres away the morning crew of the rival 9 Network were also pulling on their beanies to show their support. Such a genuine appeal can not go unheeded. It's Star Wars Day and Carrie may the force (May the Fourth) be with you.

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