Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 13. Day 133. Running rings around me

There was this one time I went for a morning walk on the beach and came home and announced to Drama Teen that I met the brother of one of his teachers while I was out. There was a pause, then he said "okay, I give up. How exactly did you find that out?" It's no secret. Dog owners talk and when you talk you find out stuff. One of the things you very often find out is how small the world is. So it was again this morning. I spied this circus performer practicing his art on the lawn in front of QPAC. We got talking. Morgan's a member of Circa and about to go on a tour to Taiwan with a group of other performers. I was about to leave when I asked if he regularly practiced in that area. He doesn't. He was there only because he'd just dropped his brother at at school for cross country training.  Turns out that school is the same one my boy attends and Jordan finished there just last year. We laughed about his half red and half black hair and half shaved eyebrows and how they would go with the school's rather prescriptive hair cut policy. And then I headed off to take my boy to school. Naturally I had to first tell him how I'd been talking to this bloke who went to the same school as he does. Again, there was this pause and the lifted eyebrow that said "Go on, tell me how the hell the conversation went that would reveal that information".  Easy, you talk to people and they tell you stuff and you learn what a small world it is.

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