Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24. Day 144. Birthday boy

Rumple added his best wishes in his usual furry way
I married a toy boy which I guess makes me a cougar.  Yes it does. Now it is true that we are talking only 53 days. But 53 days is 53 days, there is no denying it.
Anyway I officially reached the age where the government sends you a Bowel Screening Kit and Australian Pensioners Insurance will have you on their books 53 days ago. Today my husband Charles caught up.
As the experienced member of the family I chose and booked the birthday activities - breakfast at the civilised time of 10am with friends at a well-recommended and quite delicious cafe and then part-sexy, part-silly circus La Soiree in the early evening. And because we are old we were home by 8.30pm.
I think it was a celebration worthy of a half century.
So raise the bat Charles you old thing. Here's to the first 50 and 50 or so more

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