Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5. Day 125. Hang in there

I thought summer was over and therefore our swimming pool would no longer hold its magnetic attraction to the local water dragon. The crazy fur friend barking today revealed otherwise. The pool is part of Rumple's territory and he doesn't like sharing. He is pretty friendly to everyone but he has a Mem Fox list of creatures he refuses to get on with. Possum, Lizard and Owl top the foe list. So today Lizard in the pool just added Rumple to the list of family members feeling the stress of the moment. Week 10 of semester and I'm starting to think I'm just hanging on by the fingernails. First piece of assessment due for the term on Friday and Drama Teen is likewise starting to feel the water level rising. And if Charles wasn't stressed before, living in the house with us would be a sure-fire recipe for feeling the heat rise.When the going gets tough, the tough probably should take a cold shower.

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