Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7. Day 127. Bee-utiful

 Yes, there's a lot of real beauty in these images of bees in a pollen feeding frenzy. Even as I reach for the pack of anti-histamine and the Ventolin, I will concede that the lines, the shapes and the colours are most attractive. Yes, nature you are most cruel in making the things of greatest beauty the things that hurt the most. It seems to apply to insects as much as it does to humans.
Anyway, I have the pharmaceutical industry to thank for the fact that with all these native pollens about I can still breathe, at least a bit.
I will, however, be not at all sad when the blooms disappear and airways are able to process clean pollen-free air without chemical performance enhancers.
Bees may be attracted to these blooms like, well, bees to a honey pot, but frankly there's nothing sweet to the allergy sufferer in this.


  1. wow such a bright and vibrant set of photos - the detials are amazing x

  2. Those photos are amazing! :) Love the details! Popped over from 365!