Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25. Day 145. Let the history books show

Procrastination is not a noun. Procrastination is something between an Olympic Sport and a way of life.
It is also a (not very useful) tool in the toolkit of every student I have ever met.
As such the dining room table has this week been the home to just about every book on the Cultural Revolution held by the QUT Library. They have been there so long that Rumple decided they were clearly now a permanent feature and managed to get up and get among them today. They put him to sleep. He wouldn't be the first one they've had that effect on.
While they've been there, notes have been taken, sticky notes have been attached and as far as I can tell enough information to write a PhD thesis has been collected. But actual words written, not so much.
Because you have to put off to the last minute. The books sit there as though the mere act will make words jump out and write themselves. History shows this is not the case. History shows that no student ever actual used this knowledge to change behaviour. Or perhaps it is just that Drama Teen has inherited the procrastination gene from me. Either way, I feel quietly confident, something will be submitted tomorrow. I feel equally confident there will be missed sleep as a result. Do I think, the process will improve next time? It would be rewriting history for that to happen.

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  1. aaahhhh my good old friend procrastination, he was around a lot when I was at uni as well. Mind he stil is in the blogging world as well, every time I come on to comment on fellow 365'ers my laptop seems to protest and go to facebook, twitter or the geocaching website - guess my laptop must be in cohoots with Mr P