Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15. Day 135. Duck off

Friday afternoon. Time to duck off and go for a week-ending, head-clearing walk.
This afternoon the walk with Rumple took us off to the University of Queensland, a venue which Rumple finds packed with possibility. He sees every bird, lizard and turtle as a potential conquest. I'm pretty sure he thinks it is only the lead that comes between him and a duck for dinner. I'm pretty sure he is entirely wrong. Not only is he hampered by the fact that he can't swim all that well and can't fly at all but deep down he's a lover not a fighter. The only way he's going to have a feed of fowl is if someone orders it for him. I love my fur friend but not that much. The ducks, for their part, stayed just out of reach and quietly preened themselves like they were preparing themselves for a big Friday night on the town. But not this little black duck. I was home on the couch by just after dark which after this week was just about perfect.

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  1. love the pictures, the duck in the top pics almost seems to be laughing at us. That would be funny to see your dog take off after the ducks....