Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14. Day 134. Getting an ear bashing

I'm not entirely sure if the term ear bashing still used by anyone else other than my mother but none the less ear bashings are still most assuredly a thing. This noisy miner got one in Musgrave Park today and so too did the Electolux washing machine repair man when he finally decided to turn up. The machine decided late on Sunday night that it would rather not wash clothes any more which given that's its only purpose in life and its only about three years old, I consider rather selfish. The earliest the repair man could get to my place was today and the only indication of time was between 8am and 6pm. Yeah, because I've got nothing else to do but hang around all day and wait for tradespeople. Anyway he turned up and was very polite and was greeted with a big warm juicy kiss from Rumple. Rumple also watched him intently as he worked so it was not as if he was unaware that a dog lives on the premises. But still when he went out to the truck to get something he left the gate open and Rumple took this as his queue to go exploring. Previously Rumple escapes have occurred
1)  When the florist left the gate open
2) When the charity collector left the gate open
3) When the delivery man left the gate open... and so on
People, the gate is there for a reason. Perhaps you might consider using it.
I had bought a sign but there's no drill in the house so it had not yet been attached. It has now. After giving Mr Electrolux a polite reminder about gates, I  presented him with the sign and the screws and suggested he might like to do the honours. He agreed. I don't think he'll be leaving a gate open again any time soon.

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