Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9. Day 129. Cold water

It happened this week as it does around this time every year. I failed the cold water test. For months the idea of a cold shower, a cold drink, a cold anything has been seductively attractive. Queensland is God's own country except for that whole humidity business which sponges the energy out of you. Because of this, our houses are built to try their best to keep you cool, to encourages breezes to circulate air. This is all very well and good until you realise that like it says in Game of Thrones Winter is coming. Which brings me back to the cold water test. That's the moment you find yourself hiding in the corner of the shower cubicle trying to escape the cold water until the hot tap finally warms up. And it's the moment at the other end of the bathing business when you delay turning off the now hot water and exposing yourself to the cold air. It's the moment you know the seasons have changed and not for the better. Of course, all of this assumes you are an adult because children do not possess such an internal thermometer and never take the sensible precaution of avoiding the flow of cold water. The water play area at South Bank today may not have been pumping to the extent of a hot summer's day but children aplenty were lining up to get a bucket of cold water poured on their heads today. Foolish creatures. Come to my place, little ones. I'll give you a job of bathroom monitor. You can take my place in the shower until the water and air are warm enough for my tired, old body. Can't imagine how anyone could pour cold water on that idea!

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