Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1. Day 1. Here we go again

Some people just don't known when to give up. Like me. For some reason I have decided that three years of a one year project isn't enough. We have a love hate thing Project 365 and I but the truth is it makes me get out of the house, it makes me look for creative or interesting or different things and it adds a bit of variety to the every day. And apparently variety is the spice of life. Also I get to capture things I might otherwise miss like little Elliott in his first paddling pool with his mum Alison. That makes the whole thing worthwhile.
So happy new year everyone and in case you were wondering this is what 2014 looked like in our place:
Survived Year 11 - just
Developed a rather questionable taste 80s pop music
Continued to put off  homework despite swearing to develop a better study routine
Wore a silver lycra bodysuit, wig and make-up as you do as a performer in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats
Found Year 11 to be a huge struggle emotionally
Managed to smash the car into a pole on his first driving lesson with his father
Scored a hot date with a red head to the Year 11 semi formal
Said #$*%&% study, rather a lot

Survived being the parent of a 16-year-old – just
Developed a rather questionable taste for Candy Crush and other Facebook games
Continued to blog every day despite swearing she would give it up
Wore a dragon onesie in public, as you do when taking part in a fundraising bridge jump challenge
Found all the weight she had lost in recent years and a few bonus kilos just for good luck
Managed to escape to the beach with the dog four times during the year
Scored a new piece of artwork as a reward for 20 years of marriage
Said “Year 11 may be the death of me” rather a lot

Survived taking Oliver for driving lessons - just
Developed a rather questionable taste for watching darts on the TV at all hours of the day or night
Continued to avoid exercise despite repeatedly pledging to become more active
Wore a moustache for a month, as you do when taking part in the Movember charity campaign
Found that the rest of the family had been right all along about Apple products buying his first iPad
Managed to set a new personal best by staying awake in three concerts during the year
Scored a two week break in England on family business
Said “Oliver will you turn that thing down” rather a lot

Survived a bout of gastro brought about by eating goodness knows what - just
Developed a rather questionable taste for stealing and eating dirty women’s underwear
Continued to eat shoes, pens and glasses despite having officially left the puppy stage well behind
Wore a Superman outfit and Santa suit in public, as you do when you have an owner who doesn’t realise you are a dog
Found that eating fresh chickens from the neighbour’s hen house to be much harder than anticipated
Managed to escape for two hours sparking a hunt that trended nationwide on Twitter
Scored an awful lot of treats by sucking up to 87-year-old Margaret who lives next door
Said “let’s play ball” rather a lot (At least we assume that’s what dropping a ball at your feet and looking expectantly means”


  1. Love the water shots - you always seem to capture moving things well.

  2. happy new year Susan!!!
    you do take a great photo - the water droplets have been captured so well - love the baby's expressions. xx

  3. I know how you feel, My daughter was Yr 11 2 years ago. Now I have the joys of her being a college student haha

  4. I love these captures they're fab! Love how you can see all the water splashing everywhere, looks like fun :)

  5. what a fab update on each of you. Yes I agree it is an addictive project. Wow stunning pictures, those splashes are just so well captured.

  6. What fantastic photos and a great update about everyone x

  7. Lovely pictures of your wee one splashing about. #project365

  8. I'm so pleased you're in for a third year! Fabulous sparker photo and the second roaring at water snap is awesome.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and good luck with the year ahead.