Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31. Day 365. Celebrate good times. Come on

 There's this moment when you realise you've become your mother. Here I am not talking about when you open your mouth and your mother's words come out although that's totally part of it. I'm talking about when you start making the holiday bookings, when your mother calls for advice when buying a new appliance, when you host the major family functions etc. The transition between the generations is gradual so at first your don't notice it but it's there. I think tonight I made one further step along the road to a transition to the next generation. Tonight I  had to cancel any plans to make plans for a New Year's Eve celebration because Drama Teen was out with the "ladies" and I needed to pick him up. I pretend to be annoyed but in fact I tend to find New Year's Eve annoying in any case and I shall feel much better tomorrow without partying tonight. Besides, I got to hang out with my sister and her extended clan and we had a very large box of party blowers, poppers and sparklers. That's a happy new year.

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