Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17. Day 351. Fringe benefits

There is room at the inn, which as I understand is the opposite to what is associated with the Christmas season both in biblical times and on most coastal resorts at this time of year. But having a dog has come with somewhat bizarre and unexpected fringe benefits at least if you treat a dog as  a family member and insist on taking the canine to the Coast as I do. Units will not allow dogs so you have to rent a house. Houses are bigger and come with multiple bedrooms and in our case more bedrooms than we actually need. So if it's a family holiday why not open up the spare room to other family members. My mum has been to stay and today my sister Marie and her daughter Cleo joined the beach party. And when you have Noosa beach practically on your doorstep you can be pretty sure things will go swimmingly.

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  1. What great photos, I'm so jealous that it's your summer at the moment and you can get out and enjoy the beach at the moment! If we went in the sea we'd have icicles forming on our noses. It's great that you've managed to spend some of your time away from home with family members. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.