Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14. Day 348. Head over heels

I learned something very important about myself today. I am much better at throwing a ball assisted by a 35 kilometre an hour tail wind. I also learned that when seagulls fly backwards that's a sure sign the journey back up the beach will be hard going. Rain didn't help. It was "beached closed" kind of weather but sensible adults wouldn't have needed a sign to stay out of the water. But children and animals don't work by the same rules as adults. And having to stay out of the water and staying off the beach aren't the same thing. It can take a young person or a small furry animal to remind adults of this. Harry and Hunter were certainly head over heels for the dunes as were Rumple and his new mate Archie, who charged up the beach side by side like they'd known each other for ever. I would have missed all that if the dog hadn't decided to he wanted to take us for a walk.

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