Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21. Day 355. It's a kind of magic

If you want a visit from the fat man in a red suit this week then pouting, shouting and crying are strictly off limits. The problem is the rush, crowds, demands and to-do list that seem to inevitably accompany the Christmas countdown can very easily bring you to a place far removed from the spirit of the season. In fact peace and goodwill can be as hard to find as a carpark in a shopping centres or a shop assistant in David Jones prepared to serve you. Having just returned from the beach, I am determined to at least try to leave the shouting, pouting and crying to others. So I took one look at the crazy massive crowds fighting to see the Christmas parade through the Queen Street Mall and decided to not just turn the other cheek but turn my whole body and run. Instead I took in the entertainment being provided by the buskers further up the mall - the living stature of a farmer and his blue heeler and the magician. There was magic enough in that for me.

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