Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 13. Day 247. To market

Market day. Bloody awful beach weather but the Eumundi Markets make an excellent alternative for an extremely windy and showery Saturday morning. The markets are THE place for Christmas shopping, food, entertainment and even craft activities for the kids and face painting. The markets always make for an excellent day out - I know that. What I hadn't expected was that it would also be the place to catch up with an old friend also spending a Saturday morning at the markets. We may live in the same city but we rarely get to meet but more than 100 kilometres from home and there Toni is outside the shorts stall. I also got to meet Lily one of the newest additions to her extended family. It is indeed a small world or great minds think alike or something but for whatever reason all roads led to Eumundi today. Still no amount of wind and rain was going to convince Rumple he should miss out on his walk on the beach so by afternoon the family decided to hit the beach in any case. Walking along the beach was like Scott of the Antarctic battling to walk into the extreme headwind - not that Rumple cared and the truth iss we all enjoyed it despite the sandblasting. There were still balls to catch and dogs to chase and a wind like that is guaranteed to blow away any cobwebs .


  1. I envy your day, despite the wind. Also, it's not often SR gets trumped in the cuteness stakes, but that baby!

  2. It looks like a lovely day it. It's always funny when you meet people who live nearby miles away from where you live. I love your photo of the crab! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.